NXT's Dakota Kai Makes a Statement with a Little Help Against Ember Moon

Tonight's NXT card was stacked, and it all kicked off with the anticipated matchup between Ember Moon and Dakota Kai, who had Raquel Gonzalez in her corner. This match followed Kai's attack on Moon last week, as Kai isn't too fond of Moon coming in and crowding the title picture. Both stars went right at each other when the match started off, and while Moon locked in a hold on Kai, Kai was able to reverse it and lock in a hold of her own, grounding the high flyer.

Kai would try and keep the momentum but Moon would counter and lock in a leg hold on Kai, and while Kai managed to reverse it briefly, Moon didn't let the hold go. In fact she locked it in tighter, but Kai countered and applied a lock to Moon's arm, grounding her again.

Ember would mount an offensive shortly after though, knocking Kai to the ground several times and then dodging an attack from Kai and sticking Kai through the turnbuckle, but it was Kai who would get the better of that exchange, as she slammed Moon's face and shoulder into the turnbuckle.

Kai capitalized, as Moon was favoring her arm, and Kai kept up the attack on that shoulder with a quick pin. Ember kicked out but Kai would throw Moon into the corner and continued to kick the injured arm. She then flipped Moon over and went to lock in an armbar on Moon, though Moon kept it from locking completely in.

Kai then locked in another submission around the shoulder, but Moon managed to get out of it only to get locked into another submission as Kai's legs put pressure on Moon's head and shoulder. Moon would lift Kai straight into the air and slam her down, finally freeing herself.

Kai would go for a kick but Mon evaded and dished out one herself. Kai tried to gain momentum but Moon halted it once more, and then Kai dished out a kick to the side. of Moon's face. Moon then evaded another hit and swung Kai around to the side of the ring and hit her right in the side of the head with a huge kick.

Moon then dove through the ropes and hit Kai, slamming her into the side of the barrier. She then went for it again, but Kai evaded, sending Moon right into the barrier.

The action returned to the ring and after a few more back and forth between the competitors Moon locked in a submission on Kai in the center of the ring. Kai tried to get Moon's shoulders to the mat but it didn't work, and then Moon returned the favor. They would go back and forth until Kai locker din another submission, this time wrenching Moon's arm and shoulder, and Moon tried to get to the bottom rope.

Moon did reach it, but Kai did some damage and started loading in punches and kicks to Moon's back and head. Kai then squared Moon up and slapped her int eh fae, bu this pissed Moon off, and after a scream Moon hit Kai with a barrage of punches and knees, sending her rolling to the corner.

Moon then whipped Kai into the corner and charged her, and then flipped her over and slammed her to the mat. After another charge, Moon went up on the top turnbuckle, and Gonzalez would try to interrupt. While it didn't work, she gave just enough space for Kai to kick Moon in the face and knock her from the turnbuckle, and then she slammed her to the mat and hit Moon in the face with double knees. That was enough for the pin and the win.

You can find the official description for tonight's NXT below.

Ember Moon and Tommaso Ciampa are both out for payback this week on NXT! Moon will face Dakota Kai after a vicious attack two weeks ago, while Ciampa looks for retribution against Velveteen Dream. Elsewhere, Shotzi Blackheart will go one on one with Toni Storm and Kushida takes on Cameron Grimes. Catch it all tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Here is what is on deck tonight:

Ember Moon vs Dakota Kai

Tommaso Ciampa vs Velveteen Dream

Shotzi Blackheart vs Toni Storm


Kushida vs Cameron Grimes

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