NXT's Johnny Gargano Gives Carmelo Hayes His Next Title Challenger

Tonight's NXT 2.0 kicked off with the current North American Champion Carmelo Hayes heading to the ring alongside Trick Williams, and they were there for a celebration of Carmelo's recent success. Hayes was able to cash in his Breakout Tournament prize on Swerve Scott after he had just finished a brutal match against Santos Escobar. Swerve put up a fight, but he ultimately fell to Hayes, and tonight Hayes and Williams looked to celebrate. They didn't get to bask in the limelight long though, as before the segment was done Hayes had his next challenger in The Way's Johnny Gargano.

After Hayes and Williams talked a bit on the microphone, Gargano's music hit and he came down to the ring all smiles. He said that he's been busy lately and enjoying things like bachelor parties, a wedding, and more, but at the moment he is feeling a little lost. He said that with one son on Raw, a daughter enjoying married life, and a wife who is pregnant, he finds himself wondering what's next for him.

He then says that he figured it out after looking at Hayes, adding that he's worn that North American Championship he holds more than anyone else in NXT. He decided that what's next for him is to get back to doing what he and the fans love, and that's competing in the ring, which he said to chants of Johnny Wrestling.

Gargano said, "Mr. A-Champion...why don't you take a shot at me?" Hayes then got in his face, but Williams interfered, saying that Gargano should be better about taking care of his daughter, who was up in his DMs. Gargano fake laughed a bit and Williams said "that's your daughter!" Gargano then said that his Son-in-Law wouldn't be too happy about what Williams said, and Dexter Lumis turned up right behind them and started choking Williams.

Hayes and Williams were chased out of the ring, and they left the title in there too, but wouldn't go back in to get it.

So, it seems we've got a Gargano Hayes feud brewing, and I'm all for that every day of the week. This could also be seen as a face turn for Gargano, as The Way were very much heels, though after the wedding, both Gargano and Hartwell seem much more like faces.

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