Watch: R-Truth Attacked By Drake Maverick, Titus O'Neil at SummerSlam Meet and Greet

As WWE 24/7 Champion, R-Truth has to expect challengers from anywhere and everywhere he goes.

Today, it was during a SummerSlam meet and greet when his nemesis Drake Maverick tried to (unsuccessfully) win the championship.

It looked as though a young fan was taking a picture with Truth. The "fan" was dressed in John Cena merchandise and even jumped into Truth's arms. Next to them in line was a man in a Randy Orton hoodie, who proceeded to unzip it and reveal he was a WWE referee.

At that moment, the "fan" (actually Drake Maverick) rolled up Truth for a 2-count. Apollo Crews then also ran in and attempted to defeat Truth before he was able to run off and escape.

All of this was captured on video by a fan in line, which you can view below.

Maverick later commented on Twitter.


Earlier in the day before this all went down, Maverick had sent out a message to R-Truth.

To which R-Truth responded.