Renee Young Discusses Making History on WWE RAW

Renee Young recently made history when she became the first full-time female on a WWE broadcasting team. Young had received high praise when she subbed for Jonathan Coachman just weeks ago and was rewarded with the regular gig.

Young has long been a part of WWE broadcasts, going back to her days with NXT, but seeing her in front of the cameras more regularly as part of the broadcast position has been refreshing and fun to see. Young discussed the move this week with Newsweek in preparation for Hell In A Cell.

When asked about what the reactions have been like to her new job on RAW, Young said, "I can't believe how cool and supportive they've been, from my family, my peers and the WWE Universe. Everyone's been really great. Of course, there are going to be people who are going to have different opinions to that and I'm hoping over time I can prove them wrong. Hearing from JBL, he gave me some great advice. To stay off social media, do my own thing, listen to Cole, listen to Vince, Kevin Dunn. Hearing from him, getting notes from Dino Curlander or Booker T. It's so funny to me that these guys I grew up watching are giving me nuggets and advice. It blows my mind."

In her current role, Young provides color commentary alongside Corey Graves while Michael Cole is still the play by play man. For her part, Young sounds like she wants no part of the more demanding play by play role.


"I don't think so," Young said regarding doing play by play. "And it's funny because I feel like so many people have asked me that even before this opportunity. 'You should do play-by-play' and I don't think I can do that!"

She continued, "Michael Cole is so seamless and good at what he does and being able to sit next to him and observe the way his mind works, how he compartmentalizes and have things down to a tee. I like that. Doing the pay-per-view kickoff panels is a little bit more like play-by-play because you're getting us in and out of segments and throwing it to graphics and video packages. That was something I was familiar with, but going out there and straight calling Fujiwara armbars, I don't know if that's in my wheelhouse. I think I'll stay in my lane doing color commentary for now. But we'll see! I never thought I'd be doing Monday Night RAW so who can say?"