Roman Reigns Comments on Conor McGregor, Rob Gronkowski Possibly Joining WWE

Roman Reigns appeared on ESPN Deportes this week in promotion of next Sunday's WWE WrestleMania [...]

Roman Reigns appeared on ESPN Deportes this week in promotion of next Sunday's WWE WrestleMania 35, and during the appearance, made a couple of interesting comments on some prospective WWE roster hires.

Conor McGregor recently retired from MMA and has long been linked to a possible future in wrestling, much like his former UFC colleague Ronda Rousey. When asked about the potential of McGregor coming to WWE, Reigns had an interesting response.

"Man, we got the best spot on 205 Live. He is a cruiserweight, no doubt, and we'll let him go in there and flip with all those guys," Reigns said.

Some have viewed the comment as an insult, though McGregor would literally be a cruiserweight on the WWE roster at this point. He was last billed as 155 pounds in the UFC while competing in the lightweight division. The heaviest weight class he fought in while with the UFC was the welterweight division, which has a weight limit of 156-170 pounds.

Now, obviously WWE would want a talent and mega star like McGregor on a show with more visibility than 205 Live, which is where the comment comes across as an insult. But there is a bit of truth in what Reigns says, McGregor would need to put on at least a little weight, at least bringing him to the size of a Finn Balor, who is billed at 190 pounds.

One name who wouldn't need to put on any weight is Rob Gronkowski, the future NFL Hall of Fame tight end who recently retired from the New England Patriots. Gronk has appeared for WWE in the past and is friends with Mojo Rawley.

On a future Gronkowski signing by WWE, Reigns said, "I don't know. You know, it's hard to tell with him. He seems like a crazy enough guy, he seems like he's wild enough, and he has a great personality. He's clearly a great athlete."

You can view a video clip of Reigns' appearance on ESPN Deportes discussing Gronkowski and McGregor below.