Watch: Ronda Rousey Spooked By Bat During Raw's Opening Segment

During her first year as a WWE Superstar, Ronda Rousey has yet to show any sign of weakness. But [...]

During her first year as a WWE Superstar, Ronda Rousey has yet to show any sign of weakness. But during the latest episode of Raw, the UFC Hall of Famer couldn't hide an obvious aversion to bats.

Somehow, a bat not only snuck into the Greensboro Coliseum but actually made it ringside. During Rousey's opening segment, the winged beast could be seen flapping around outside the ring just a few feet from Rousey. A fan from Twitter caught Rousey's priceless reaction:

At this moment, it looks like Alexa Bliss' only shot at keeping her Raw Women's Championship is to employ a swarm of bats. However, we doubt SummerSlam's hosting venue, the Barclay's Center, would be cool with such a tactic.

Barring bat interference, SummerSlam certainly feels like it will belong to Rousey. At this moment, not only is she WWE's hottest act, but also their most important. With fan apathy reaching alarming levels with Raw's main event picture, Rousey's rise has become the best watch Monday night has to offer. Not only does Rousey's name instantly gratify, but her in-ring performances have been nothing short of stellar. Throw in the fact that WWE is beginning to bank on the women's division, and it's easy to predict Rousey being the face of WWE's future.

While her victory at SummerSlam seems obvious, WWE has been thoughtful wither her booking thus far and may elect to play the long game in her arch. However, it feels like the WWE Universe is ready to celebrate Rousey as champion, so WWE may not be able to make a bad decision in Brooklyn.

Regardless of outcome, WWE has already won by simply employing Rousey. Despite a considerable amount of naysayers, Rousey has blasted past even the highest of expectation. But Triple H is not surprised by her success.

Triple H spoke with GiveMeSport's Turnbuckle Talk and discussed his early impressions of the former UFC Champion.

"Having spoken to her since the beginning, her passion and her drive for this to me made it perfectly reasonable that she might be this good at it. Once I kind of got in there with her for the first time and got a feel for her natural movement in this, I've been saying it since the day she signed with us and we started talking about it, but she's going to shock everybody," he said.

Even those expecting bug things from Rousey have to be pleasantly surprised with how well she's adapted to professional wrestling. According to Triple H, her ability to pick up the craft is uncanny.

"I've never seen anybody grab it as quickly as she has. I mean, Kurt Angle would probably be the closest to it because he just took to it like a fish to water with it. But she has no right to be anywhere near as good as she is, but she just gets it. I mean she gets it on more than just a physical aspect, across the board," he said.

Not only is Rousey a natural, but Triple H believes that professional wrestling is a lifelong passion for the 31-year old.

"She wants to entertain and she's loved this from probably before anything else [...] she truly believes all she's done is to get to [WWE]. When I used to hear her say that before I used to think, 'oh that's a cool way of saying it.' But legit, it is like this is what she was supposed to be doing. Her route to get here was different than everybody else's. Her route to get here was going through judo and coming up through MMA and the whole thing to get to where she is right now. It truly is like she is, it's amazing," he said.