Ronda Rousey Devours Alicia Fox in Debut Raw Match

Ronda Rousey's third televised match of her WWE career may have lacked the big stage of a [...]

Ronda Rousey's third televised match of her WWE career may have lacked the big stage of a pay-per-view, but the same electricity was there. In just under four minutes, the UFC Hall of Famer dismantled Alicia Fox to close Raw.

After Raw Women's Champion Alexa Bliss and Fox disparaged Rousey in their pre-match interviews, Rousey stormed down the ramp and waited for the bell the ring. When it did, Fox stalled, but once Rousey got her hands on her prey, it was soon over. Using a barrage of hip tosses, Rousey made it look like she was trying to remove limbs from Fox's body. Just before she slapped on the armbar, Rousey made sure Bliss was watching.

Bliss tried to sneak up on Rousey during her victory speech but was whipped to the ground by a violent Rousey toss. Bliss scored up the ramp but didn't leave until Rousey promised to take her title at the SummerSlam in 13 days.

Like a WrestleMania 34 and Money in the Bank, Rousey's energy kept the crowd in the frenzy. In the same way, we love watching Brock Lesnar destroy things, or Stone Cold Steve Austin line someone up for a Stunner, Rousey is able to not only build big moments but pay them off. With just one more episode of Raw left, it certainly feels like she'll be leaving SummerSlam as new Raw Women's Champion.

While there's still plenty of work to be done, it's worth underlining how well WWE and Rousey have worked together. Despite a considerable amount of outlets, Rousey continues to transcend any negativity by submitting electric performances. By now, saying Rousey has been a success is almost cliche to anyone who has been watching this year.

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