Chase Field Unveils 'The Rumble Burger' and Daniel Bryan Really Hates It

In honor of hosting the Royal Rumble, Chase Field put together a commerce food item. However, as WWE's most vigilant vegan, Daniel Bryan wants to set it on fire.

On Sunday, Chase Field will sell "The Rumble Burger" a gluttonous sandwich composed of bratwursts, bacon, and fried mac and cheese. And to Daniel Bryan, this is nothing short of a personal attack.

"Chase Field should be ashamed of themselves. Made from factory farmed pigs, an intelligent and extremely social mammal, and cheese from cows, who's baby's were ripped away from them. THEN add the heart disease delivered to the people who eat it. #SHAME #TheWorstGeneration," he tweeted.

If you've been out of the WWE loop in recent months, Daniel Bryan is no longer the guy from the YES Movement we love and adore. Instead, he's now a sanctimonious villain, that is happy to judge everything that walks, or is put on a dinner plate.


Before news of the Rumble Burger, we would have predicted that Bryan would easily beat AJ Styles to retain his WWE Championship. But now that the smell of Rumble Burgers will be thick in the Arizona air, Bryan may not be able to compete at his highest level.