Ryback Says CM Punk Didn't Put Effort Into Their Matches

The animosity between Ryback and CM Punk is well known in wrestling circles, and while both [...]

The animosity between Ryback and CM Punk is well known in wrestling circles, and while both wrestlers have moved on from the WWE to other endeavors, that animosity has seemingly made the trip with at least one of them.

Ryback has been pretty open on his podcast Conversations with the Big Guy, and his latest topic managed to circle back around to his matches with CM Punk, specifically on Punk's lack of caring or effort in putting on a good show in matches with the Big Guy (via CageSideSeats).

"My favorite, I think for me the proudest moment outside of winning the I.C. title, and the boys in the back waiting there and getting the round of applause, outside of Gorilla - I think my first Hell In A Cell match with CM Punk because that was my first main event outside of doing live events, working them. And which was thrown together last minute, obviously. And I never liked any of our matches, but that was more on him not wanting to put effort into doing it and that's the truth. And I was fully developed at that time and could have done anything."

One of the bigger sticking points in CM Punk's past comments was just how green Ryback was at the time of their feud. References to numerous botches that Punk has said took their toll on his body have been mentioned in previous Punk interviews, but Ryback has steadfastly denied most of those in the past. Here he basically says he was up for anything, with Punk's lack of investment being the issue.

Ryback also commented on Punk's loss in UFC, and how he would approach it if that happened to him.

"That would be my backup plan if I ever went into MMA and just totally pulled a CM Punk and got my ass kicked. I would just come back as Skip Sheffield. 'My mind's f--ked up,' and then, opening match, sell some merchandise, 'yep, yep, yep, what it do?', f--king Over The Shoulder Boulder Holder here and there, and f--king wave to the kids."

It does seem a bit like kicking a guy when he's down, but that also depends on who's side you take in all this. Punk probably won't respond to Ryback's comments, but then again, he's always been a little unpredictable, so maybe he will.