Sanity Makes Surprise Return During SmackDown Live, Shaking Up WWE Tag Division

WWE's television continues to get shaken up this week, and the second hour of SmackDown saw the tag team division have a new element added to it on Tuesday night.

Sanity (Eric Young, Alexander Wolfe, and Killian Dain) returned during a match between the Good Brothers (Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows) and The Usos. That match was also a shake-up of sorts, and Anderson and Gallows haven't been on television since August. They mentioned as much in their promo right before the match and it was a welcome surprise to see them on television. The SmackDown tag team division has been stale for quite a long time.

Toward the end of the bout, The Bar (Cesaro and Sheamus) came out on the ramp and it looked like they might interefere. However, Sanity beat them to the punch. As Young, Wolfe, and Dain ran in to attack the teams in the ring, the SmackDown Tag Team Champions were left just to look on and observe.

In the end, Sanity destroyed both teams and walked off mocking Cesaro and Sheamus on their way out. Following their exit, The Bar jumped into the ring and used the opportunity to lay into their fallen opponents after they were already taken out.


As far as Santy's return goes, all we can say is welcome back, fellas. This could be the impetus for some badly needed new tag team division matches and rivalries in the new year.