Sasha Banks Missed SmackDown Because She Is Recording A Rap Album

Sasha Banks missed WWE SmackDown this week because she is in the process of recording a rap album.

Banks, who is the cousin of rap legend Snoop Dogg, posted a photo of the studio that she is presently working in late on Friday evening. You can see that photo below.

While she was away, Banks' partner Bayley wrestled Dana Brooke on SmackDown. As previously noted, that match saw Brooke continue her very public flirtations with Dave Bautista. Ultimately, though, Bayley was victorious.

Bayley noted that Banks was gone recording a rap album during the SmackDown broadcast.

Bayley later mentioned Banks' absence on Twitter as well.

During an interview last year, Banks spoke about being cousins with Snoop and about his influence on her career, including leading her to the nickname "The Boss."


“When I was around him, his bodyguards would always call him ‘boss.' And I was like, ‘That’s kind of catchy. That’s a good little nickname.' So I was like, ‘Sasha Banks the Boss,’ and then it turned to ‘The Legit Boss'," Banks said.

As of this moment, neither Banks nor Bayley has a match at this Sunday's WWE TLC PPV event in Minneapolis, Minnesota.