Sasha Banks Says Reports of Her Crying on the Floor at WrestleMania 35 Aren't True

Sasha Banks' episode of WWE Chronicle dropped on the WWE Network on Saturday, which featured 'The [...]

Sasha Banks' episode of WWE Chronicle dropped on the WWE Network on Saturday, which featured "The Boss" directly addressing the reports of her acting unprofessional back at WrestleMania 35.

On that April night Banks and Bayley unceremoniously lost the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships to the IIconics in a four-team match early in the show. The match turned out to be the last time Banks would appear on WWE television for nearly four months, as reports of her being furious with WWE's creative team began popping up. Both Pro Wrestling Sheet and WrestleVotes reported via multiple sources days after the show that Banks and Bayley were "laying on the floor of the locker room on Sunday" and were "loudly making it known they were unhappy about losing the tag titles" at the hotel after the show.

Banks claimed that there was no proof of any of that happening.

"Just like, man, you guys don't know the full story. You don't know the full thing," Banks said. "And then, just like how the hell do they make this stuff up too? I saw so much stuff like, 'Crying on the floor of the locker room.' No, I got undressed, put my clothes on and walked out and stand with the fans and Pam [Bayley] watching the main event. Because I was so happy for those girls

"Then there's rumors that I was crying on the hotel floor. It's just, man, please show me those pictures, please show me the footage," she added.

Banks stated numerous times that her hiatus had more to do with self care and mental health, something she echoed during a recent radio interview in Charlotte this week.

"I've been doing this for seven years straight, no breaks," Banks said. "So you know, people need to step back and re-evaluate their lives, take care of their souls, and their minds. I'm back and I'm better than ever, and I got myself a championship match on Sunday so, I think I did quite well for myself, right?"

Upon her return in mid-August, Banks turned heel and began feuding with Becky Lynch. She'll challenge "The Man" for her Raw Women's Championship at Clash of Champions on Sunday, while Bayley looks to defend the SmackDown Women's Championship against Charlotte Flair. Should Banks win, it will mark her fifth reign as Raw Women's Champion and first time with a singles title since August 2017.