Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch Have the Only WWE Twitter Feud That Matters

It's no secret that Becky Lynch has channeled the spirit of Stone Cold Steve Austin in recent months and her new cantankerous attitude just put its crosshairs on Seth Rollins.

As of late, Lynch had dubbed herself "The Man" when addressing the WWE Universe. However that's real estate Rollins has owed for quite some time, so he was a little territorial with Lynch swiping his moniker. A tweet by WWE underlined Rollins' manhood and the Intercontinental Champion made sure Lynch noticed.

Not one to avoid conflict, Lynch fired back.

Using a timeless Ric Flair quote, Rollins threw down an in-ring challenge.

"As a great man once said...if you wanna be The Man, you gotta beat me first," he wrote.

And Lynch not only accepts Rollins offer, but thinks she'll make easy work out of him.

"No problem, I could spare five minutes to drop down and face you. Send location. And bring those adorable little flame trunks you have so The Champ can show you how to really burn it down #iamtheman," wrote Lynch.

Then WWE itself actually intervened in the Twitter beef—ironically on Rollins' behalf.

wwe twitter

This really set Lynch off and she saved her last words for both WWE and Rollins:


"You dopes better be sorry, your need to constantly get my attention is eye rolling. Now before you go back to your armpit farting competition or whatever it is you do, tell the people to watch The Man on #SDLive tonight. I might have something to say to my new friend Ronda."

But it was Rollins who got the last jab in as he pointed out that he's not the only one who wears flaming tights in this relationship.