Watch: Seth Rollins Defeats Bray Wyatt in a Steel Cage Match After WWE Raw

WWE once again had Seth Rollins put his WWE Championship on the line against "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt after this week's Monday Night Raw went off the air. And even though it took place in a Steel Cage this time around, the fans in the arena still weren't happy. The bout saw Rollins hit Wyatt with a handful of Curb Stomps before crawling his way out of the cage door. Wyatt got the last laugh by locking Rollins in the Mandible Claw afterwards, but Rollins' victory was met by indifference from the crowd until the "boos" started coming in.

Following their controversial Hell in a Cell match back on Oct. 6, Rollins and Wyatt will once again face each other for the Universal title on pay-per-view at the Crown Jewel event on Oct. 31. The rematch comes with two stipulations — it's Falls Count Anywhere, and it cannot by stopped by a referee for any reason.

Despite the result being widely unpopular, Rollins hasn't been afraid to defend it on social media.

"I imagine Mick and Taker might have liked the ref to stop the match there. Might have added a few more years to Mick's incredible career. Just a thought," he added.

Roman Reigns, who has publicly defended Rollins for how he's done as a face of the company throughout 2019, admitted in a recent interview that he wasn't a fan of how the initial Rollins/Wyatt match ended.


"I think you should express your opinions, but it doesn't hurt anybody if you have a shred of respect," Reigns said. "Have a little respect for the performers who were out there killing themselves for you. I didn't like the Hell in a Cell finish either, but I wasn't about to cuss some guys out who got hit in the head over and over. Bray Wyatt put his health on the line to entertain some fans to the best of his ability. I didn't like it, but I respect Bray's effort and willingness to go out there and do what you have to do. So, if you can, just a little bit of respect."

Wyatt's loss (via referee stoppage) was just his second televised match since he debut his new "Fiend" persona earlier this year. He made his debut back at SummerSlam by beating Finn Balor in just three minutes.