Shane McMahon's WrestleMania 35 Plans Reportedly Set

Now that we're officially on the march to WrestleMania, WWE will spend the next few months filling out the massive card's show. And apparently, Shane McMahon already has his match set.

According to Sports Illustrated, Shane-O-Mac is scheduled to face his current tag team partner, The Miz. Seeing that the pair of wrestlers is currently SmackDown Tag Team Champions, it looks like they'll be enemies by April.

Right now, McMahon and Miz are set to defend their titles at Elimination Chamber against The Usos. While the titles may not change hands, WWE may plant the seeds of a violent break up between McMahon and Miz.

If this is the case—Sports Illustrated has been wrong before—then the next question is who will turn heel? McMahon has been rumored for a heel turn for about a year now, while the Miz has been trending towards a babyface in recent months. WWE knows that in the Miz, they have the best heel in the company. McMahon is still one of WWE's purest babyfaces, so assigning them their traditional roles would be an easy way to tell a good story. But WWE may want to switch things up and have The Miz be the hero for once, with Shane-O-Mac taking a turn into darkness.

Regardless of role, this will be McMahon's fourth straight WrestleMania after taking nearly a decade off from al WWE duties. Given his ability and built-in nostalgia, WWE fans gobble up anything McMahon does, so him getting another major WrestleMania match was a foregone conclusion.


For The Miz, a one-on-one match with McMahon would be huge. While he's done plenty to establish himself as a top WWE talent in recent years, The Miz has yet to re-enter the WWE Championship picture. A huge WrestleMania match could trampoline him into that scene and The Miz could be WWE Champion by SummerSlam. That will mostly depend on Daniel Bryan who looks to be in the early stages of a long championship run.

This is a situation worth keeping an eye on. While the Miz vs. McMahon certainly feels like a logical WrestleMania match we still have plenty of time between now and then. However, if SI's scoop proves to be true, then we'll guess The Miz is in for a monster 2019.