Sonya Deville Reveals She's in for Season 9 of 'Total Divas'

Earlier this week, Rusev and Lana revealed they'd no longer be a part of Total Divas. And their [...]

Earlier this week, Rusev and Lana revealed they'd no longer be a part of Total Divas. And their replacement has already been revealed.

In an interview with Afterbuzz TV, Sonya Deville broke news by sharing she'd be a part of Total Divas Season 9 cast.

"I'll be on Season 9 of Total Divas, which is something I'm super excited about...We're starting filming this week. I mean, we filmed a little bit at The Rumble but this week is really the first week of filming," she said.

Deville sees this as an opportunity to strengthen her connection with the WE Universe as the hit E! show gives a look at Superstars outside of the ring.

"Part of being a WWE Superstar to me is showing the fans what happens outside of the ring," Deville said. "Who I am in the ring, and in my personal life, is important to defining my character. I'm tough for a reason. I've been through things and I am the person I am for a lot of reasons, and I love sharing those stories with the fans because it's relatable. I meet a lot of people, fans every day, that can relate to what I've been through and stuff that they're going through in their own lives," she said.

However, even though she'll gain exposure, Deville knows that comes with an invasion of privacy.

"Obviously I'm nervous, because any time you have cameras in your personal life, inside your home, in your relationship, it is obviously nerve-racking," Deville said. "My life is crazy and sh— happens sometimes that I'm not proud of, and I make mistakes. It's going to all be captured on TV and it's going to air, and people are hopefully going to be able to relate to some of those mistakes, and stuff like that. My girlfriend will be on this season with me, and so that's a big thing for her because she's not in the public eye like I am. She's not used to cameras in her face. It's going to be an adjustment for her as well, and our relationship."

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