Exclusive: Stephen Amell's Jack Spade Confronts Wild Bill in Heels Episode 6 Clip

The sixth episode of Heels is set to premiere this Sunday night on Starz, and in an exclusive clip provided to ComicBook we see the fallout of the closing moments from last week. For those who missed it, Episode 5 saw a chaotic scene unfold as Crystal (Kelli Berglund) decided to change up her storyline with Ace Spade (Alexander Ludwig) but cutting her own promo, enraging both Ace and Jack Spade (Stephen Amell) in the ring. Ace's anger resulted in him deliberately injuring Bobby Pin (Trey Tucker), forcing him to be carried out on a stretcher. With the ring empty, Wild Bill Hancock (Chris Bauer) emerged and cut a surprise promo of his own, calling out both Jack and Ace to a three-way ladder match for the DWL Championship at the upcoming South Georgia State Fair. Both the promo and the match were made without Jack's approval, and by the time he found out it was too late.

Despite all the chaos surrounding the main event, Jack learns at the end of the episode that the DWL has officially been booked for the fair but now has to deal with Bill inserting himself into the main event and getting the fans behind him. Bill starts the clip by trying to convince Jack to run the DWL together, but Jack is still upset with how Bill left the promotion and his father behind years ago. Bill counters by saying he was trying to help the company by giving Ace a shot at the big leagues (implied to be the WWE, though never outright said), but Jack doesn't budge. He says they won't move forward until Bill talks with Willie (Mary McCormack). 

In an interview with ComicBook leading up to the show's premiere, series creator Michael Waldron talked about the challenges of finding the right actor to play Jack. 

"Well, casting the lead of any show is hard, because they've just got to be an awesome, tremendous actor who can carry a show on their shoulders," Waldron said. "Playing Jack Spade, there's the added requirement of you have to have the physicality of a great wrestler. We had to have somebody who could believably pull off this stuff in the ring and outside of the ring, when framed against his wife and kids, and other people in the town, you'd believe this is a pro wrestler who lives here.

"There's not a lot of people who look like that who are also great actors. Steven Amell is one of those people," he added. "We were so fortunate to get him, coming off of the success of Arrow, with the ultimate added bonus of the guy loves wrestling. He might be the biggest fan of all of us, and he's actually wrestled with WWE. So I mean, God, we were lucky to get Steve."


Heels Episode 6, titled "House Show" premieres on Starz this Sunday at 9 p.m. EST.