Watch: Stone Cold Steve Austin Responds to Kristen Bell About The Good Place's Running Joke About Him

Fans of the NBC comedy The Good Place have come to learn about Eleanor Shellstrop's (Kristen Bell) massive crush on WWE Hall of Famer "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Her affection for him has been a running gag across the show's three seasons, and with the fourth and finale season set to premiere later this week Austin finally responded in a clip on Tuesday.

"Hey Eleanor Shellstrong, this is 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin," he said. "I heard you have a crush on me. You have great taste, and I must add, you are a legit snack. And that's the bottom line because I said so."

Bell replied with a quote from her character.

Austin made headlines on Monday when he gave Paul Heyman a glowing review for his work as executive director for Monday Night Raw roughly three months since he took the job.

"That is the right guy for the job. Paul E. has a vision of what this business should be," Austin told Sports Illustrated. "He's working under the watchful eye of Vince McMahon, but Vince is looking at so many big pictures while Paul is going to focus on this.

"Paul E. is really close to the pulse of the product," he added. "He understands where and why the business should be, and how it should feel. You should feel something when you watch that show. Paul E. is hungry to bring back this industry to its heyday. There is already more of a sense of urgency and importance of the world title."

Monday also marked the season finale for Straight Up Steve Austin, his interview show on the USA Network. "The Texas Rattlesnake" said in an interview with last month that working on the show was some of the most fun he's had on television since leaving WWE.


"... I told everybody, I said, 'Listen, the way I see this show, if we're not having a blast filming it, we're doing it wrong,'" Austin said. "And they looked at me and they said, 'You're exactly right.'

"... I'm having a blast filming this damn show," he added. "And it's like I tell everybody, man, I laugh my ass off almost the entire show. And now there's serious moments, but there's so many fun things that we do, and I get a chance to meet so many interesting people, some of who I already knew. But yeah, man, I'm like a kid in a candy store."