Stone Cold Steve Austin Teaches the Art of Beer Chugging in Viral Post

Legends Football League running back, beauty pageant contestant and social media influencer Amanda [...]

Legends Football League running back, beauty pageant contestant and social media influencer Amanda Ruller posted a photo on Monday comparing how she downs two cans of beer to how "Stone Cold" Steve Austin did back in the day.

"Who did it better, @SteveAustinBSR or me?" she asked.

Austin actually responded to the post, giving Ruller a few pointers.

"Almost textbook form. Almost. Both arms need to be extended or straightened about 6 degrees. Although I do not have a degree in kinesiology or biomechanics, I am considered a worldwide expert in all things beer related," Austin wrote. "In particular, drinking. Keep up the good work."

Ruller, who also works as on-air television personality and speed and conditioning coach, received two tryouts at the WWE Performance Center in 2014 and 2018.

After a brief hiatus Austin recently brought back his podcast, The Steve Austin Show. His first guest was AEW president Tony Khan, who shed some light on the company's touring schedule once the weekly live TNT show begins this fall.

Khan stated that unlike the WWE, AEW's touring schedule won't be nearly as rigorous and won't rely on numerous house shows every week.

"It's not my core business focus," Khan said. "And I've kind of made it part of the business plan is that I don't want to put too much mileage on the top performers by having them perform on shows where it's not going to generate as much revenue, where it doesn't make as much business sense to put the mileage on your guys. And I also don't want to put out an inferior house show product that isn't the top people.

"If you do see us do house shows, they are going to be top shows with the top people, which means we're not going to be doing five or six a week of them," Khan said. "So when we get into weekly TV, I'd like to get into a good rhythm of where we're doing, let's say, between 100-120 shows a year, it's pretty busy but it doesn't mean every performer is going to be on every show. It means you're going to get a combination of our top performers every night."