The IInspiration Have 'Found a Home' in Impact Wrestling

Cassie Lee and Jessica McKay have hit the ground running since debuting in Impact Wrestling, capturing the Knockouts Tag Team Championships at Bound For Glory. Fans were excited to see the duo back in the ring after being released by WWE, and now the duo, who is known as The IInspiration these days, feels like they have found a great fit in Impact Wrestling. Lee and McKay talked about signing with Impact during a new interview with Alex McCarthy of the Wrestling Daily podcast, and they feel as if they have found a real home there.

"I feel like it was a perfect fit for us or not to toot our own horn but we've had many options and what it came down to Jess and I just felt like we just fit perfectly with IMPACT in the knockouts division they just use their talents so incredibly well and the women are just you know put on a pedestal which they should be they're so good and I just feel like we slipped right on in you know became not hesitating champs did the damn thing and you know, [we fit in IMPACT] like a missing puzzle piece," Lee said.

"We found a home because that's how it really felt. We wanted it to feel like the best decision and it really did, it fits so well. We were so happy," McKay said. "We're just incredibly grateful to be part of IMPACT and The Knockouts Division I'm super stoked. That's all I have to say."

McKay said that one of the biggest positives of working in Impact is the open communication. "Cass and I are big on one thing and we like to call it 'Big C' and that stands for communication. So when we were talking to Scott, we, first of all, complete gentleman, complete gentlemen. But the one thing we appreciated was the communication," McKay said. "We had everything that we needed, we had all the information that we needed, we knew that this was going to be incredible. We were excited to join IMPACT. But that's something that we don't take for granted because we understand how people's time is very limited. So when people take the time to talk to us, we appreciate that. So it's been great. He's been incredible.

"The freedom that we've had is, I mean, it just makes me so freakin' happy. Because we know The IInspiration better than anyone we have built this from the ground up is a 17-year-old friendship, you cannot force anything on that and they respect that and they respect us as performance. It's just beautiful and that was a big decision in us joining IMPACT," McKay said. "We felt that respect and we felt wanted, to be honest, and that's it. That's an awesome feeling to have."

"These are women we have looked up to for so many years as well and just see how much emphasis that IMPACT puts on the women's division, that meant a lot to us, especially the tag team division because that's where our heart and soul is. So yes it makes me proud to be a part of a company that has women in such powerful positions," Lee said.

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H/T Fightful