The New Day Offer a Warning to Daniel Bryan, Vince McMahon After Fastlane

Kofi Kingston wound up being denied a WWE Championship shot yet again at Fastlane on Sunday, and [...]

Kofi Kingston wound up being denied a WWE Championship shot yet again at Fastlane on Sunday, and now he and the rest of The New Day have had enough.

Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E all took to Twitter following Sunday's show, calling out both Vince McMahon and Daniel Bryan ahead of this week's SmackDown Live.

"I'm not sure what Vince was trying to accomplish last night, but one thing became very clear: He does not want to see me as WWE Champion," Kingston wrote on Monday. "After 11 years, I finally have your attention...and I'm not going away. See you Tuesday (Vince McMahon)."

This doing the right thing clearly ain't it. Maybe we need to knock over a liquor store or something to be a star here...Please send me your petty crimes suggestions," Big E jokingly wrote on Sunday night.

During the Fastlane pre-show, Kingston was asked by a backstage agent to go to the McMahon family's office to discuss the WWE Championship match, hinting that it was possible Kingston would be put back in the title match after being replaced with Kevin Owens by Vince McMahon for very little reason two weeks ago. After waiting for more than an hour, Woods and E stormed McMahon's office on Kingston's behalf, pleading that the 11-year veteran deserves a championship match. McMahon initially agreed, saying the title match was now a triple threat, and told Kingston to go out to the ring right away. Kingston obliged, only to be told by the announcer that he was booked for a handicap match against The Bar.

After Sheamus and Cesaro knocked out Kingston, Woods and E tried to save their partner by running down to the ring, only to get attacked from behind by Rusev and Shinsuke Nakamura. By the end of the segment, all three men were knocked out.

Woods turned his attention to the reigning WWE Champion, calling him out for ducking Kingston by posting a gif of Muhammad Ali dodging punches.