The Usos Become Longest Reigning WWE Tag Team Champions with SmackDown Win

Tonight's WWE SmackDown kicked off with a match for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships between The Usos and The New Day (Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods), but it also was a battle over history. Coming into the match The New Day held the record for longest reigning WWE Tag Team Champions at 483 days, but if The Usos were to win tonight, the road would be clear for them to become the new record holders. This match was packed with near falls and both looked like they were about to end it throughout the match, but it was finally The Usos who would leave as victors, and they are now set to break the record on Monday unless anything else changes.

Jey and Woods started the match in the ring and there was no love lost between the two. It was also noted that Jey's wrist was bandaged up from Crown Jewel, and you just knew that would come into play at some point. Jey hit Woods with a shoulder tackle and Woods wasn't happy, shoving Jey and then knocking him down and flipping him over into a hold. Kingston would then tag in and hit a crossbody on Jey, but hey pushed Kingston into their corner and tagged in Jimmy.

Jimmy delivered a chop to the chest and then locked in a hold of his own, but Kingston would do some slick maneuvering around Jimmy's attacks and then he knocked Jimmy down with a back below. Jimmy was then thrown into New Day's corner and the two tagged each other in several times before Woods hit a basement dropkick.

Jey went for Woods but he missed and Woods knocked him out of the ring onto the floor, setting Kingston up for a dive off the top rope, knocking both Usos back down on the floor.

When we came back from break it was all Usos though, and they went to work on Kingston, isolating him from Woods and keeping the referee busy so Jimmy could get in some cheap shots. They looked in control but Kingston finally got to Woods and he went on a tear, knocking Jey to the outside and then going to work on Jimmy, hitting him with a dropkick and then working on Jimmy in the middle of the ring. Woods tagged in Kingston and then Woods hit a huge move from the top rope, but Jimmy kicked out of Kingston's cover.

Kingston went for Trouble in Paradise on Jimmy and knocked him out of the ring but Jey was the legal man and he almost had Kingston, though Kingston countered his move and slammed Jey down into a cover, but Jey kicked out. Jey hit an enziguri and knocked Kingston out, but Woods was the legal man and he head-butted Jey. Jey pushed him back and then Jimmy joined to hit double superkicks on Woods, Kingston, and then Woods again. Jey was legal and both went up top with Woods in the center of the ring, and after a double splash Jey went for the cover but somehow Woods kicked out.

It was Woods and Jey in the ring, and Jey tagged Jimmy in and they set up for a finisher on Woods, but Kingston grabbed Jey out of the ring and slammed him into the steps. Woods pulled Jimmy down on the ropes and then Kingston hit a backbreaker on Jey and set Jey up for a Midnight Hour. Jimmy came at Woods but Woods caught him with a DDT and tagged Kingston. Kingston went up top and hit the Midnight Hour on Jimmy. He went for a cover but Jey jumped in and broke it up at the last second.

All four were now in the ring and they started punching each other, and Jey hit Woods with two super kicks in a row and sent him into the timekeeper's area. Kingston kicked Jimmy but he fired back and then Jey was back in. They had Kingston up top but Kingston slammed their heads together and jumped down but they caught him with a 1D and that was it for the New Day. With no other tag matches scheduled between now and Monday, they should break the record on Monday Night Raw.

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