Tony Khan Teases AEW Women's Division Star Debut

AEW has already made some impressive additions to the roster over the first few months of 2022, but AEW President Tony Khan is teasing another big signing is coming soon, and this time it will be for the Women's Division. Khan teased the new signing during an interview on The Outlaw Nation podcast's STRONG STYLE after being asked about the company signing new wrestlers, and while he wouldn't give any names or hints to the identity of that signing, he did say fans will learn more during tonight's Rampage.

"Yes, I'm not going to say who, but yes. It's a good question, without naming any specific names or spoiling anything, I will tell you yes," Khan said. "As for when and where I suggest you watch Rampage tonight to get more info. As far as rhymes or spellings or anything else, I can't tell you that, but what I can tell you is I'll have more info on when and where you might see a new women's wrestling star debut in AEW, I'll give you more info on that tonight on Rampage."

There are a number of major free agents at the moment that would benefit the All Elite Women's roster, including Athena, Taya Valkyrie, Nixon Newell, Toni Storm, and Mia Yim, just to name a few. Athena and Valkyrie have already been active on the independent scene and in AAA, while Newell has been taking some time to recharge during her 90 day non compete, but has a long list of people she wants to jump into the ring with when she does return to in-ring competition.

Yim took some time after her non-compete ended to focus on her personal life, including a move and her wedding, when she got married to Keith Lee. She announced she wouldn't be taking any wrestling dates until March, but hasn't jumped fully into wrestling just yet. As for Storm, she's taken some time to recharge as well and hasn't jumped into the ring or another company just yet.

We'll have to wait and see if any of these talented stars will be the new addition to AEW that Khan is teasing, though Serena Deeb did previously tease some big signings to the Women's Division a few months ago, so perhaps there isn't just one signing, but a few. The good news is we'll get a little more information tonight on Rampage.

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H/T PWMania