Trish Stratus Accepts SummerSlam Challenge From Charlotte Flair

As advertised, WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus returned to SmackDown this week for a special "King's Court" segment alongside Jerry Lawler.

Stratus said that Lawler invited her for the segment and she flew down immediately. Lawler mentioned that she missed RAW Reunion because she had been on vacation. Stratus then talked about her friend Kelly Kelly winning the 24/7 title on the show.

Lawler said a lot of the legends backstage at RAW Reunion were talking about how they wished they could come back and have one last match. He asked Trish if she ever wished for another match, and she responded by saying that WWE is in her blood and there probably won't ever be a time where she won't get that itch. That being said, she talked about being a mom now and having other duties.

At that point, Charlotte Flair's theme music interrupted the segment as Flair made her way out. She said it was a disgrace to have a King's Court segment without a Queen and asked how it is that the greatest female wrestler of any generation doesn't have a match at SummerSlam?

Charlotte sarcastically congratulated Trish on being a parents, noting that lots of superstars are parents. She said that it just sounds like an excuse. Charlotte then issued Trish a challenge for SummerSlam in front of family in her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

Stratus was reluctant to respond and Flair ran her down some more, saying the women of today are changing the industry and trailblazers, not just women shaking their asses. Charlotte said that Trish doesn't think she can hang with the Queen so she might as well hop back in her minivan and go back to changing diapers.


Trish said that she respects Charlotte but right now she's just being a b-tch. Trish said there would be no trail to blaze if it wasn't for her, Lita, Jacqueline, Ivory, and Beth Phoenix.

"You, better than anyone else, should know that in order to be the woman, you need to beat the woman. You want your match at SummerSlam? You got your match at SummerSlam," Trish said.

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