Tyson Fury Confirms He Will Be On WWE RAW

Boxing's Tyson Fury, will be on RAW Monday night to address his SmackDown confrontation with Tyson Fury.

Fury was shown sitting ringside during SmackDown on Fox on Friday night, and during a six man tag team match involving Strowman, had some words thrown his way by Strowman.

After the match was over and Strowman was victorious, Fury attempted to jump the ringside barrier to try and confront Strowman but was quickly prevented from getting into the ring by WWE security.

The SmackDown confrontation led to some mainstream coverage by various sports networks, definitely something WWE was going for and something we may see happen more and more now with the FOX partnership.


WWE put out the following statement regarding Fury's opportunity to come speak at RAW:

WWE is offering Tyson Fury an open microphone… so, what could possibly go wrong?

After hopping the guardrail this past Friday Night on SmackDown in an attempt to confront Braun Strowman, the always controversial Fury will now be offered an open forum this Monday night on Raw to speak his mind following the explosive incident that saw a small army of security struggle to keep him from getting into the ring to mix it up with The Monster Among Men.

Tune in this Monday night at 8/7 C on USA Network to see if Fury accepts!

Fury confirmed in a tweet that he will in fact be on RAW.

"Hi, this is Tyson Fury, aka The Gypsy King. Last night, we attended WWE SmackDown for my son's 8th birthday: me, as a lifelong WWE fan, and my son, it's his favorite thing to do. We went there for his birthday. I was insulted in front of my whole family by Braun Strowman. It got a little bit heated and we saw what happened, so I've been invited to an open mic session on Monday Night Raw. I accept. I'll be there, but if Braun Strowman doesn't behave himself, he'll get some of these hands. You big dosser!"