Tyson Fury Defeats Deontay Wilder by Knockout in Epic Rematch

Tyson Fury triumphed over Deontay Wilder with a knockout victory in the 11th round in a rematch of two heavyweight titans. The duo has met three times and we now have a definitive read on who the better man is after this result. T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas was an electric atmosphere as these two athletes strode to the ring for a fight that had real stakes attached. Both Fury and Wilder fell down at times but they continued to last, though as we got to the later rounds Wilder looked worse and worse for wear, and Fury was able to finally knock him down for good in the 11th round.

Back when Wilder v Fury III was booked, a lot of fans looked at this engagement like it was going to be a fight for the sake of being able to put on a show. But, when Oleksandr Usyk beat Anthony Joshua recently, the boxing world's central division flipped on its head. Now, there's a chance at a unified championship and a path to legitimate immortality for each fighter. So, the chirping started. For people who love the back and forth, it was heaven. Neither Wilder or Fury backed down during the press conferences before the fight or with CBS Sports' Brian Campbell.

"It's definitely going to be a war but I don't think [Fury] is going to be able to stand toe to toe with me," Wilder explained to CBS Sports ahead of the weekend. "Even on my worst day, in the condition that I was in, he couldn't get me out of there. I finished the fight on my feet. I had a disloyal trainer throw in the towel when I had told him for many years before to never throw a towel in. You don't throw a towel in on a warrior, a king like myself. You let him fight to the end because I do have the equalizer." 

"It just shows you that I'm living in Wilder's mind rent free, the whole time, two years," Fury would claim. "Every time he looks in the mirror, he sees Tyson Fury. Every time he goes to bed before he closes his eyes at night, he sees the 'Gypsy King.' And when he wakes up and thinks about it in the morning, he thinks of Tyson Fury. It must be crazy to be obsessed with a man like me, so much of his life. It's just crazy." 

"You can go to college and get a master's degree in nearly two years, so for a boxer, that's very easy to do," Fury entertained during this week's press conference. "But no matter what Deontay Wilder does, I'm still going to knock him the f--- out … [in] quick time, quick fashion. Like my trainer SugarHill says, we just bang and get it over with." 

"I don't have nothing to prove," Wilder shot back. "I'm in a great place, a great state of mind and have always been. I have a lot of great people around me that have been covering me all this time. There is nothing to prove at all. This right here is redemption, retaliation and retribution; all of the above." 

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