Update on Samoa Joe's Wrestling and Announcing Future

Samoa Joe has been excelling of late behind the microphone for WWE, but wrestling fans shouldn't expect this to be a permanent move for the superstar.

Joe recently became part of the WWE RAW announce team, though it's not a permanent move. Joe has already excelled in the role, which made some fans wonder if it could impact his future. However, a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Joe is seen as far too valuable in the ring to have him hang up his tights for a permanent announcing role.

Joe has also appeared on WWE Backstage on FS1 and been very successful there as well. None of this is surprising given the fact that Joe has been one of the top promo men in the company since arriving to WWE and NXT a few years back.

An exact return date for Joe is unclear, but he's expected to remain at RAW's announce table until he is cleared for active competition. He is currently scheduled to undergo a medical evaluation at the December 30th RAW in Hartford, Connecticut.

Joe's move to RAW happened following Dio Maddin's removal from the brand. Maddin was viciously attacked by Brock Lesnar during the November 4th broadcast, which the paved the way for Joe to replace him. This was done to give a storyline reason for Maddin's removal from the brand, which wasn't due to any shortcomings in the announce booth but due to the fact that he has returned to Florida to resume training at the WWE Performance Center. Maddin is concentrating on returning to the ring as an active competitor, which was talked about this week on WWE Backstage.


Maddin sees a possible match with Lesnar down the line as an intriguing possibility, and the two will have a backstory to have the match make sense should it ever happen now due to the RAW attack. Maddin sent out the following Tweet a few days ago:

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