Watch: Alexander Wolfe Suffers Gruesome Injury During WWE Worlds Collide

Fans watching WWE's Worlds Collide event on Saturday saw Alexander Wolfe of Imperium be removed from the main event match against Undisputed Era while the bout was still taking place.

The move was not part of a storyline. In fact, Wolfe suffered a serious blow to the head via a kick from Bobby Fish. The kick followed a chop from Roderick Strong. In the video of the move, the kick clearly connects on Wolfe's chin.

You can see the footage below.

Wolfe appeared to be knocked out in the ring and the match was stopped by WWE referee Drake Wuertz during the middle of a pinfall attempt. Medical officials then came out to the ringside area and examined Wolfe. He was eventually taken to the back while Imperium continued to fight on, making the match four versus three. Imperium still emerged victorious.

Triple H confirmed the injury to Wolfe after the event when taking part in an interview with Cathy Kelley.


"I will say that we are lucky that's the only injury that came [out of the match]," Triple H said. "Those guys beat the tar out of each other."

He elaborated more, saying, "Yeah, Alexander Wolfe got caught on the chin early, by a combo of Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish, and just got knocked out. Our medical staff came out there and got him outta there, and Imperium had to go 3-on-4 against The Undisputed Era, arguably the most dominant faction that you've seen, if not ever, in a long, long period of time, and still were able to pull it out."