Watch Chris Jericho Revealed on The Masked Singer, Ready for Bride to Join MCU

Over the past week, fans have seen AEW's Chris Jericho appear as a pink dragon named Bride on FOX's The Masked Singer, and though many figured out who he was beforehand, he was finally unmasked. Jericho previously sang Walk The Moon's Shut Up and Dance and then Smash Mouth's All Star, and even though he was unmasked, Jericho told The Wrap that he is ready for Bride to get some shine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can watch Jericho's big reveal on the show in the video below.

"It's just a ventriloquist dummy, but you get attached to them. It was kind of like that with the Bride because even though it was two weeks, there was, you know, hours, and hours, and hours, and days, and days, and days of rehearsal and being inside of this bride," Jericho said. "So it does become almost like an alter ego, like Peter Parker and Spider-Man. So there you go. Chris Jericho and the Bride, coming soon to the Marvel Universe."

Jericho also talked about maneuvering in the massive suit, and it's something he wouldn't have been able to do without the training that comes with being a professional wrestler.

"I mean, I'm saying this with all humbleness, but you would have to have a very strong person inside that suit to maneuver because unlike, I think, basically all the costumes – all the other ones that I saw at least – this one is all encapsulated," Jericho said. "It's like a Godzilla movie from the '50s, where the guy's in the Godzilla suit, walking on the miniature city – that's exactly what it is. So there is no way out."

As for why he picked the Bride costume, it was done to help throw anyone off the trail. "That's one of the things that I really wanted to kind of go for, was to fool people as to who I was," Jericho said. "And when we first started talking about costuming, my mindset was the same as the producers. I wanted it to be something that you wouldn't expect Chris Jericho to be. And I was thinking maybe some kind of a fairy, like a Tinker Bell or something."

"So I think that's kind of was my mindset, like, I'm really going to have some fun trying to fool them. Especially Jenny, because she had guessed me before. So that's what was kind of thinking," Jericho said.

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