Watch: Behind The Scenes of CM Punk's Shocking Return on WWE Backstage

CM Punk returned to the world of wrestling on Tuesday night by making a surprise appearance at the conclusion of WWE Backstage on FS1.

Now, thanks to the folks over at FOX, we have a backstage look at what exactly Punk's surprise appearance entailed. In a video posted to social media by the WWE on FOX account, we see Punk being driven to the FOX studios in Los Angeles for the appearance in complete secrecy.

Notably, Punk talks to the camera man and admits he's nervous about the appearance. He talks about the weight of this being his first appearance in the WWE world in almost six years and how much people have been clamoring for it. However, he also notes that it's good to be nervous because if you're not, it means you don't care.

Punk also discusses the way that FOX pitched the role on the show to him. They talked about the former players that are part of their NFL and MLB broadcasts (mentioning Alex Rodriguez and Troy Aikman) and told Punk that they wanted him to be that for them when it comes to the world of wrestling, the resident expert who would have some insight that others would not.

As Punk is taken into the studio upon arrival, he wraps his head in a scarf to remain disguised and a secret. We go on to see Punk in a board room all by himself watching the WWE Backstage broadcast awaiting his moment, and we see him walk to the curtain to get ready to make his appearance. Following his debut, the clip goes on to show Punk reuniting with his former and now once again current colleagues after WWE Backstage went off the air.


The entire segment lasts a little over seven minutes and is a must-watch.

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