Watch: Matt Hardy Makes Hilarious Video Mocking Chris Jericho's Lost Title Belt

The people behind Longhorn Steakhouse could have never imagined that they'd become as intertwined with the world of pro wrestling as they have this week.

Three days after Chris Jericho lost the AEW World Heavyweight Championship belt while eating at a Longhorn Steakhouse in Florida (the belt was eventually found), Matt Hardy put out a brief video on his Twitter account making light of the situation.

The story itself, which was almost too bizarre to believe at first glance, has truly served to only increase interest in AEW and Jericho in the process. Now, with WWE stars referencing the incident, even more eyeballs will likely be drawn to the new wrestling company.

Check out Hardy's video below, where he walks out of the Steakhouse, then runs back in, and emerges with a belt in hand saying that "that son of a b-tch tried to steal my belt."


This is not the first time a WWE name has mentioned the controversy this week. Corey Graves alluded to the situation during commentary on SmackDown Live Tuesday night. At that point, the belt was still missing.

Of course, all of this is being presented in a joking manner between friends. With Jericho having been part of the WWE roster for almost 20 years, he has a lot of close friends there (including Graves and Hardy). They're simply razzing their friend about the bizarre situation that emerged this past week and all of us are just well entertained spectators.