Rey Mysterio Attacks Brock Lesnar During RAW, Wants Title Match at Survivor Series

The story between Rey Mysterio and Brock Lesnar continued this week on WWE RAW with Mysterio once again getting the upper hand on the WWE Champion.

Lesnar opened RAW in the ring with Paul Heyman. Heyman explained the rationale behind Lesnar being able to "quit" SmackDown and become a member of the RAW roster. That explanation pretty much came down to Lesnar being a much bigger star than the rest of the locker room. Heyman said Brock has a "no-cut contract." He mentioned people like Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins cannot do the same thing because they don't have the leverage that Lesnar has.

Lesnar then went on a rampage backstage looking for Mysterio, at one point almost kicking a door off a car. He re-emerged in the arena and went after the announcers, asking them if they knew where Mysterio was. Dio Maddin ended up stepping up to Lesnar and received an F-5 through the announce table for his troubles.

As Lesnar stood on the ramp, Mysterio emerged from the back and attacked him with a bat. He followed that up by picking up the WWE Championship belt and taking out Lesnar with it.


After a commercial break, Mysterio spoke to the camera backstage. He said that if Lesnar is going to come after what's most important to him (his son, Dominick), Mysterio is coming after what is most important to Lesnar (the WWE Championship). Mysterio declared he wants a match with Lesnar for the title at Survivor Series.