Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks Discuss Who They Would Sign From WWE for AEW

C2E2 ended up being a pretty noteworthy event for wrestling fans.Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and [...]

C2E2 ended up being a pretty noteworthy event for wrestling fans.

Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson of All Elite Wrestling appeared at the convention and did a discussion panel where they all but officially announced that All In 2 would emanate from the Sears Center in suburban Chicago later this year.

Later on, former WWE Champion CM Punk also appeared at the event and interacted with the AEW crew.

However, one section of the discussion panel that Omega and the Jacksons is getting some attention today. They were asked if they could sign anyone from WWE to their new promotion, who would they choose?

Now obviously most of these names aren't even possibilities, but it's always interesting to hear these kinds of questions posed to performers in the industry. And their answers didn't disappoint.

The man asking the question specifically asked each if they could sign one man and one woman from WWE, who would it be?

The first response came from Matt Jackson, who said (to many laughs), "I don't want to contract tamper."

Matt Jackson said on the female side he would choose Candice LeRae. Nick Jackson also chose Candice and then said he would take Kevin Owens from the male roster. While Omega stalled for time to think, Matt Jackson said he'd take AJ Styles, calling it a "safe answer since he just re-signed."

Matt and Kenny then teased the fact that AJ had re-signed, saying the fans can't cheer that and sarcastically said "what are you scared, AJ?" On a more serious note, though, Omega said they can't fault anyone for making decisions that are best for them and their family, and he noted they (Omega and the Jacksons) have friends everywhere in the business.

Omega then answered the question, saying that on the female side he would take Kairi Sane. He said that he thinks she is very talented overall a "kind soul." He noted that she is one of the only members of the WWE roster that always wishes him a happy birthday and happy holidays. Omega also said Sane has one of the greatest elbow drops ever.

For the male roster, Omega said he was going to try to pick someone who hadn't been mentioned. He said everyone knows how much he wanted Styles. He ended up going with The New Day, noting it's not one person, but said that he would like to work more in depth with them. In the past, The New Day and Omega and the Young Bucks have appeared together at gaming conventions, and Omega noted they have great chemistry together.

Omega also noted he would love to wrestle John Cena and Seth Rollins. He noted he wants to work with these type of alphas who have a chip on their shoulder and always want to prove that they are the best.