Why Edge Didn't Return on This Week's WWE Raw

This week's Monday Night Raw marked a historic shift for WWE. Not only was it the first RAW in the post-Vince McMahon era of the company, but it was the first piece of WWE programming to have Triple H steering the ship as head of creative. Couple that with Madison Square Garden, the unofficial home arena of WWE, hosting
Raw, and it was evident that this show had all the makings of an all-time episode. While the last Raw before WWE SummerSlam delivered a rare Roman Reigns appearance and celebrated Rey Mysterio's 20th anniversary, not every expected aspect of the show went as planned.

Rumors pointed to WWE Hall of Famer Edge making his return to the company at last night's Raw, but the Rated-R Superstar was nowhere to be found. Vignettes for Edge's return have been airing for weeks, and while none of them have explicitly stated that they are linked to the ultimate opportunist, paraphernalia from iconic Edge feuds has fans expecting him to be the big reveal. According to Fightful Select, plans were put in place for Edge to return on Raw, and the company went as far as to have "travel set for him into town," but "at least one element" of those travel accommodations had been cancelled.

There's no word on what this last minute change means for Edge's impending WWE return. Edge was last seen on the June 9th edition of Raw alongside The Judgment Day, a stable he had been leading since WWE WrestleMania 38. There, Edge would welcome Finn Bálor into the fold, joining himself, Damian Priest, and Rhea Ripley. "We are ready to shed the last bit of limitations that are holding us back," Priest would say. "Which is you, [Edge]." This would prompt a 3-on-1 assault of the Judgment Day leader, which culminated in Edge being sent through the announce table and taking a con-chair-to. WWE would offer a storyline update on the attack, saying Edge suffered a "non-displaced orbital floor fracture."

Edge's removal from The Judgment Day reportedly came from a creative conflict between himself and WWE, as WWE want to take the faction in a more supernatural direction, which Edge opposed.

With WWE SummerSlam going down this Saturday, Edge might be looking at Nashville as the site for his return. The Judgment Day's Priest and Bálor are set to face Dominik and Rey Mysterio in a no disqualification tag team match at that event.