WrestleMania 35: Fans Confused By Main Event's Finish

WrestleMania 35 ended on a joyous note on Sunday night when Becky Lynch stood tall as both the Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion, defeating both Charlotte Flair and Ronda Rousey in the main event. However moments after the match was over controversy had already begun to sneak in, as a closer look at the final sequence of the match brought into question whether or not Lynch had legitimately pinned Rousey. The finish, as you can see below, showed Lynch countering Rousey's attempt at her Piper's Pit finisher by rolling her up for a crucifix pin. Rousey appeared to get a shoulder up as the referee made his count, but it was still recorded as a pinfall.

Even commentator Corey Graves commented on the finish, questioning if it was legitimate as Lynch celebrated with her championships. The show went off the air without any real resolution, other than that Lynch was now a double champion.

While many fans were thrilled to see "The Man" finally stand tall over the rest of the Women's Division, a number of fans were left scratching their heads.

"Hate to talk bad about it because I'm genuinely happy Becky won and got her moment, enjoyed the entrances, but from the start of the match it just felt very off, badly timed, sloppy execution and the finish is one of the biggest missteps I have seen in a long time," @PW_Fandom wrote.

"There we THE MAN Becky Lynch did it again!," @Hon0ras tweeted. "Great main event but weird finish, anyway... Congratulations!"

"It's the result I wanted but wow that was confusing and weird," @ByJohnSmith stated. "If that was the planned finish then that was awful. Pretty good match between the trio but was waiting for it to reach the next level."

"Only gripes are Triple H - Batista was WAY too long & the finish of the main event was sketchy. I didn't even realize the ref was counting when they rung the bell for Becky," @LindseyBaseball wrote, giving the show an overall positive review.

"Lame finish but great winner!!," @theozxc tweeted. "Congrats [Becky Lynch]."


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