WWE.com Accidentally Reports the 24/7 Championship Being Retired

Back in May WWE introduced the WWE 24/7 Championship as the brand's newest title. Serving as the modern equivalent to the Hardcore Championship, the title can change hands at any time in any place as long as a WWE referee makes the three-count. And the title doesn't have the same excitement surrounding it in recent months, it continues to be a staple of Monday Night Raw and WWE's social media accounts. However on Saturday fans noticed that the title had been moved to the "Retired Championships" section of WWE.com. This seemed to be a mistake, as it was quickly fixed once people pointed it out on Twitter.

R-Truth, the reigning 24/7 champion, has utterly dominated the title picture since he captured the championship on its first night. As of Sunday Truth is on his 27th reign with the title for a total of 137 days. In the past seven days the title has changed hands a whopping 10 times, with Akira Tozawa, Santa Claus, both Singh brothers and announcer Mike Rome all getting their hands on the belt before Truth got it back at a house show in Pittsburgh.

During a recent interview with ComicBook.com, Truth talked about what plans he has for the championship. He needs just one more reign to pass Raven's record for most reigns with the Hardcore Championship.

"You're giving me an idea now," Truth said. "So like, how ridiculous, or how ridiculously funny or entertaining, whatever the words may be, that I could be, like, [a] 50-, 70-, 80-, 100-time champion? You know what I'm saying? Nobody's ever done that in the world, right?"

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley first introduced the title during an episode of Monday Night Raw, but was booed by the crowd when they realized he wasn't resurrecting the Hardcore title. Foley has since admitted in interviews that the way he went about the introduction was a mistake.


"Now I understood to a certain extent that we were baiting and switching people by making them think they were going to get the Hardcore Title, but I did not know the extent of the vitriol I would receive," Foley said back in September during his Starrcast III panel.

"First of all I got lost about five times during my promo, I really did," he continued. "I've never felt so lost. I was scrambling to cover points and it was too serious a promo for a comedic title. But they started getting with it when I said 'It's something you defend, you're not just a champion in the ring, you're a champion when you're eating breakfast, when you're sleeping, when you're training, round the clock, 24 hours a day.' I could feel the crowd like, 'Ohhh.' [I said] 'Seven days a week and I present to you...' it was almost like a big drum roll, 'the 24/7 title!' And if you audibly hear the oxygen leaving a giant arena, oh man that's exactly what happened that night."