WWE 2K17 Feature Set Details Announced

, and many more to further customize your new character. You'll also be able to customize and [...]

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WWE 2K17 still has two months until its October 11, 2016 release, but in the build-up to next week's major Summerslam event, 2K Games has released new details about the features fans will find when they dive into their next chapter.

In the core gameplay experience, 2K Games promises they've been working on revamping the game into a more "simulation-based gameplay," working on controls, presentation, and more. "In WWE 2K17, the fans will, more than ever, get to control the action how and where they want, including competing in the crowd and backstage areas. Our community asked for the return of playable backstage and crowd areas, so we delivered on this request." Yes, you'll be able to take the fight out of the ring - way out of the ring, in WWE 2K17. There are also new Ladder systems, new taunts, and new secondary submissions.

The new Creation Suite adds more parts, more adjustment options including body hair (finally, we can have Wookiees and Sasquatches!), and many more to further customize your new character. You'll also be able to customize and build not just Superstars, Arenas, and Shows, but also your Entrances, now using created videos using highlights from your own matches with the highlight replay system. The create a Victory feature will let you choose how to celebrate, too - enter 10,000 created characters gyrating like Big E.

The WWE Universe mode will include the new SmackDown Live and the brandsplit between it and Raw. NXT gets their own section of the mode, as well. Run-ins, pre- and post-match attacks and more will be integrated to keep things exciting for players. There's also a new Promo Engine, and brand new cut scenes to make the experience more realistic. MyCareer will also use the Promo Engine. Backstage interviews can be interrupted for a brawl, and your character will eventually cross paths with Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar, with some major story implications teased.

Those will be the only story modes, though; while 2K Games looked into a Showcase mode similar to other games, it wasn't something they were able to pull off this year. They decided to forego that in favor of improving Universe and MyCareer.

Finally, 2K confirmed that "yes - the roster is larger than last year." Expect more on WWE 2K17 soon.

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