Report: Don't Expect Any WWE 2K22 Updates at WWE Survivor Series 2021

WWE often uses its biggest annual pay-per-views to provide updates on the WWE 2K series. WrestleMania 37 featured WWE 2K22's first teaser trailer and the SummerSlam event in August confirmed the game's release date had been pushed back to March 2022. Michael Straw of SGO, who broke the news earlier this week that WWE's recent releases had messed with 2K's plans for its DLC packs, dropped a new report on Sunday stating that fans should not expect another update during the Survivor Series pay-per-view next month. 

"We don't currently have any plans to announce anything before January," 2K's Senior Manager of Global Communications Al Stavola told the outlet, followed by Straw echoing previous reports that the next big reveal is slated for January and will include gameplay modes and which wrestler will make the cover. 

The series' lineage can be traced back all the way to the original WWF SmackDown! released in 2000 on the PlayStation, though it has been under the 2K banner since the release of WWE 2K14 in 2013. The games were co-developed with Yuke's and Visual Concepts from that point on up until WWE 2K20, which saw Yuke's depart the production (and is now working on AEW console gaming debut). Between overwhelmingly negative reviews and poor sales of 2K20, WWE opted to cancel production on WWE 2K21 and instead focus on a later title.

Shortly after the game's release date was announced, executive producer Patrick Gilmore took to Twitter to try and calm down fans of the series. He wrote, "I've heard some concerns about WWE2K22 going quiet until January. The challenge is that creating updates like the #SummerSlam trailer requires support from development, and we're trying to stay completely focused on making you the best game possible."

"Just reassuring everyone that we're going to continue to support online services for WWE2K20 and WWE2K19 through the WWE2K22 release in March! Road to Glory and MyPlayer PPV Tower in WWE2K20 will sunset September 26. In-game messaging is automated, and may be incorrect..." he continued. 

How do you feel about WWE 2K22 given what we know so far? Will it manage to bounce back after the 2K20 debacle? And who should make the cover this time around? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.