WWE 2K23's New Patch Update Addresses Creation Suite, PS5 and PC Crashes, and More

WWE 2K23 is out in the wild and players seem to be really enjoying the newest entry in the series. The work for 2K doesn't stop though, as a new patch has been released that addresses several issues with the game, including issues related to the Creation Suite, MyFACTION, and MyRISE. There's also a fix for memory-related crashes that may occur on PlayStation 5 and PC, and this all comes after the previous patch, which delivered polish and stability fixes for the game on launch day. You can check out the full rundown of the patch below, and you can find the full review for WWE 2K23 here.

WWE 2K23 – Patch 1.04 – 3/23/23
- Addressed reported concerns of a crash that may occur within Create-A-Superstar when customizing for an extended period of time
- Addressed reported concerns regarding memory-related crashes that may occur on PlayStation 5 and PC
- Addressed reported exploits within MyFACTION
- Addressed a reported issue in MyRISE where players would be sent back to the main menu instead of continuing a storyline

This follows the 1.03 patch, which was released right around launch. That patch addressed the game's stability and the Creation Suite, though it also made specific improvements to how Superstars interact with objects lying on the ground. We'll keep you posted on future patches, and the newest patch is now available.

2K23 brings John Cena back for the 2K Showcase, and while he was previously featured in the showcase, this time around is quite different. In a previous post, 2K revealed the process of shaking things up for the Cena Showcase this year, and it involved turning the mode on its head in regard to the role of the player.

"Once it was decided that we'd be doing a second John Cena Showcase, the first thing we started thinking about was how to differentiate it from past Showcases, like our 2K15 Showcase that also focused on John Cena," 2K wrote. "One thing that fans have mentioned over the years in regards to the mode is that playing as the same person for 12, 15, 20 matches can start to feel a little repetitive."

"So we started playing with the idea that instead of playing as John Cena, you'd play as his opponents. This way, each match would feel fresh, with new movesets and new strategies," 2K said.

We reviewed WWE 2K23 and it lives up to its Even Stronger tagline, You can find our full review right here. What do you think of WWE 2K23 so far? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things wrestling and gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!