Watch: WWE 2K23 Fans Shocked by John Cena's Action Figure Skin

WWE 2K23 is about to launch across all platforms, though the game has been in early access over the past week as well. In that time fans have discovered quite a few of its unlockable secrets, but no one expected to stumble across a special action figure skin for WWE Superstar John Cena. Sure there are the normal special event attires in the game, but there's also a skin that makes Cena look exactly like a Mattel action figure, and people can't help but react to how it looks in motion, with some being surprised, others being taken aback, and others feeling a little creeped out.

The Action Figure John Cena skin was first discovered by @KingDeejj in MyFACTION mode, who found a special Ruby card that was made to look like one of Mattel's action figure boxes. At the time it wasn't known how to actually unlock it, but fans eventually figured it out.

That's when the actual footage of Action Figure John Cena in action was revealed by @JoeMashups, and the entrance is surreal to say the least. The character model looks fantastic from a visual standpoint, featuring articulation and joints that you would typically find in a WWE figure. What's really freaking some people out though is that the expression never changes, just like a toy, and you watch it for yourself in the video above.

This is easily one of the most unique character skins in the game, and it's fitting that it is of Cena, since he is the star of this year's 2K Showcase. As opposed to previous 2K Showcases (including Cena's previous Showcase), this version features Cena walking fans through some of his most memorable losses, as well as some other dream-style match-ups. Cena gives an introduction to each moment and then the next steps to progress through the match are all written in his style and personality, so Cena fans will find a lot to love as they make their way through the mode.

"Once it was decided that we'd be doing a second John Cena Showcase, the first thing we started thinking about was how to differentiate it from past Showcases, like our 2K15 Showcase that also focused on John Cena," 2K wrote. "One thing that fans have mentioned over the years in regards to the mode is that playing as the same person for 12, 15, 20 matches can start to feel a little repetitive."

"So we started playing with the idea that instead of playing as John Cena, you'd play as his opponents. This way, each match would feel fresh, with new movesets and new strategies," 2K said.

We reviewed WWE 2K23 and it lives up to its Even Stronger tagline, You can find our full review right here. What do you think of Action Figure John Cena? Let us know in the comments or as always you can talk all things wrestling and gaming with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!