Aleister Black Teases Character Change After Eye Injury on WWE Raw

This week's Monday Night Raw featured Murphy driving Aleister Black's right eye into the corner of the steel ring steps, just as Seth Rollins had done twice in his rivalry with Rey Mysterio. A report dropped the next morning that this was WWE's way of writing Black off television with an injury angle, while another report via TalkSport's Alex McCarthy stated Vince McMahon was still a fan of Black's but worried his current persona would limit him. On Thursday Black took to Instagram with a drawing of himself missing his injured eye, and seemed to hint at some sort of character change.

"And now I must re-write 4 years of my own history by getting rid of that weakness. The same weakness that caused this betrayal, this is where my accountability ends, and yours starts," Black wrote.

Black signed with WWE back in June 2016 and made his NXT debut by defeating Andrade at NXT TakeOver: Orlando. He'd go on to beat Andrade at NXT TakeOver: New Orleans a year later to win the NXT Championship, holding it for 108 days before dropping it to Tommaso Ciampa (thanks to some inadvertent interference by Johnny Gargano). He was called up to the main roster in February 2019 and worked as a tag team with Ricochet in his first few months on Raw and SmackDown. He was officially slotted to the SmackDown brand in April, where he began cutting promos in a darkened backstage area and dared people to "pick a fight with me."

He was drafted over to Raw in October, dropped that gimmick and started building up a winning streak that was recently snapped by Rollins. Over the past few months Black has been locked in a feud between Rollins and his various followers and Mysterio, Kevin Owens and Humberto Carrillo.


What do you think Black's new gimmick should be? Should he remain a babyface or turn heel? Let us know down in the comments!