WWE: Becky Lynch Talks Importance and Possibility of Being WWE 2K20 Cover Star

WWE fans have a lot to look forward to in 2019 and beyond, especially after such an action-packed [...]

WWE fans have a lot to look forward to in 2019 and beyond, especially after such an action-packed WrestleMania. That includes the annual unveiling of WWE 2K's latest cover star for their hit gaming series, and many believe that for WWE 2K20 that will be none other than The Man Becky Lynch. No one had as big a year as she did last year, and Becky 2 Belts would be a perfect pick for the game's big cover. We aren't sure who will be the cover star just yet, but ComicBook.com recently had the chance to speak to Becky Lynch about what it would mean if she were to nab that honor.

During our conversation we spoke about everything from SmackDown Live, holding two championships at the same time, and her defense of both at Money In The Bank, but we also asked how she would feel about being spotlighted on the cover to WWE 2K20 and how important things like that are to keeping the Women's Revolution momentum going.

"Oh, I think it's so important, absolutely," Lynch said. "I mean, that's been a goal. So yeah, that's the next thing. That's the next step, as well as just maintaining. It's just a matter of being the top player, the biggest face of this company. To make your name in this business, that's what I want. That's what I'm shooting for, and the video game cover would be a nice little stepping stone."

If they do make Lynch the cover star to WWE 2K20, it would seem like the recent Money In The Bank poster would just be absolutely perfect. The poster features Lynch on a throne holding both belts, and you could totally just stick that poster on the cover and call it a day.

"Ahhh, Exactly! Exactly," Lynch said.

The series has yet to feature a woman on the cover since the THQ days, where the WWE and year format started with WWE 12. That cover featured Randy Orton, while 2K13 featured CM Punk. After 2K took over the series they kicked off their era with 2K14 and a cover starring The Rock, while 2K15 featured John Cena. WWE 2K16 featured Stone Cold Steve Austin, and that was followed by 2K17 which featured Brock Lesnar. 2K18 starred Seth Rollins on the cover, while the latest edition of the game 2K19 featured AJ Styles.

It's beyond time that a woman graces the cover, and we can't think of anyone better to break down that door than Becky Lynch. Here's hoping 2K and WWE make it happen.

You can check out our full interview here, and you can see Becky Lynch every Monday Night at 8 pm ET on Raw on the USA Network and every Tuesday at 8 pm ET on SmackDown Live also on USA Network. You can also catch Money In The Bank on the WWE Network on Sunday, May 19th.


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