WWE: Bobby Lashley Blasts Brock Lesnar For Overlooking Him

Bobby Lashley spent years publicly campaigning for a match inside of a WWE ring with Brock Lesnar. But when it was finally determined that "The All Mighty" would be the first man to challenge "The Beast" in his latest WWE Championship reign, Lesnar simply laughed him off by calling him "Bobby Who?" That continued all the way up through this week when the two took part in a weigh-in before the Royal Rumble, in which Lesnar strutted down to the ring in a cowboy hat and didn't even bother to take off any clothes before stepping on the scale (and beating Lashley by 13 pounds). Lashley finally snapped on Twitter on Thursday, writing, "80 hours away. Keep taking me lightly Brock. It'll be over before you know it."

Attached to the tweet was a photo of Lashley trapping Lesnar in The Hurt Lock during the five-way WWE Championship match at Day 1. Fans will likely remember Lashley was the only man Lesnar didn't manage to knock out with an F-5 late in the bout. 

Lashley also spoke with The New York Post this week, celebrating the fact that the Lesnar match is finally happening. He said, "I think everybody else wanted it to happen, but until it's actually official it was kind of one of those things like: 'Are they going to take this away? Is this going to be taken away?'" Lashley said. "And then when it happened, it was like 'Wait a minute, it's real now.'"

He also described how unnerving it is to stand across the ring from the former UFC Heavyweight Champion — "He had blank. It was like one of those people that don't have remorse. You can always tell some kind of emotion out of everybody. When you look at somebody's eyes and you see no emotion, none, none at all. I think that's what fears a lot of people because they can't understand who he is and when they do look at him, it's just like a shocking overwhelming feeling....

"That's why he's been like that and people don't understand it, who he is and what he's able to do, what he's capable of doing. He's accomplished things. Look at some of his matches in the UFC, like when he tried to open Frank Mir's whole entire head open and then got up and wasn't like are you OK, but 'Yeah! If he dies he dies,'" he said.