Watch: Broken Matt Hardy Returns, Teases Another Battle on the Hardy Compound

Even though WWE hasn't done much with Matt Hardy on WWE television lately, the former WWE Tag Team Champion has been hard at working rebuilding his "Broken" character on his social media channels. In a new series on his YouTube channel titled "Free The Delete," Hardy had been teasing the idea of reawakening his Broken persona. After encounters with Senor Benjamin, Skarsgard The Dilapidated Boat and Vanguard One, Hardy decided to carry water from the Lake of Reincarnation to his family's new pool. The latest episode in the series, which dropped over the weekend, saw Hardy climb out of the pool having been fully transformed back into "Broken" Hardy.

Suddenly the voice that had been guiding him throughout the series demanded that he battle someone on the Hardy compound. He chose his friend Rob, who helped him carry the lake water, and tossed him into the pool. Rob arose transformed into a demonic alter ego, who blinded Hardy with a flaming Bible to signal the start of their fight.

Meanwhile on WWE television Hardy abandoned his "Broken" gimmick (then referred to as "Woken") back in February and started teaming with his brother Jeff as the Hardy Boyz again. The pair won the SmackDown Tag Team Championships shortly after WrestleMania 35, but had to relinquish them when Hardy suffered a knee injury.

On social media Hardy has teased leaving WWE once his contract expires in early 2020. He also made it clear that his months-long absence from television had nothing to do with his health.


"A few notes -I'm actually VERY healthy right now -I did not 'semi-retire', I could have still been working at that time. Was not my call," Hardy wrote. "-I am always down to put talent over, but I am NOT in that phase of my career. I have much, much more to offer the industry."

Hardy has wrestled twice on WWE television in the past month, losing to Buddy Murphy and Drew McIntyre.