WWE's Bron Breakker Retains NXT Title at Great American Bash

The main event of tonight's WWE NXT Great American Bash was the anticipated battle between Champion Bron Breakker and the challenger Cameron Grimes, and there have been some very personal barbs being thrown over the past few weeks between the two competitors. Grimes has called out Breakker's famous last name and his father's legendary status in past promos, and then Grimes even managed to hurt the Champ a bit coming into the match. It was a physical contest throughout, and after several close calls, it was Breakker who stood tall, retaining his NXT Championship.

The bell hit and Breakker pushed Grimes into the corner but they were separated by the referee. They locked up and Grimes got Breakker in the corner this time but then Breakker pushed Grimes off when he went for the hurt arm. Grimes went for the leg of the Champion but Breakker locked in a hold, but Grimes got free.

Breakker went for another hold but Grimes countered. Breakker then sent for another huge move but Grimes countered again, and then Grimes countered a third move before attacking that arm. Breaker hit the ropes twice before colliding with Grimes and delivering a fierce clothesline. Grimes was able to recover but got slammed into the corner turnbuckle, and then Breakker slammed him into the opposite corner turnbuckle. Another hold followed but Grimes broke it up by targeting the arm and slamming it down, though Breakker got his shoulder up.

Grimes then had Breakker's arm locked up again before they traded punches, and then Grimes went for a suplex but it was countered by Breakker. Breakker picked up Grimes but he got away and then Grimes threw Breakker out to the floor before kicking Breakker and then colliding with him, sending him to the floor. Stomps followed before Grimes rolled Breakker into the ring, and a cover got a two-count. Grimes kept wearing down Breakker with kicks to the chest, but then Breakker slammed Grimes into the corner, and despite the pain, he hit a spinebuster on Grimes.

At this point, Breakker was favoring his shoulder and only using his left side, and he still managed to hit several shoulder tackles. Grimes hit a super kick to the head and then both collided and flipped over, with Grimes landing on Breakker and nearly getting the cover and the win. Grimes pulled Breakker's arm over the top rope and then went up top, but Breakker halted his onslaught for a minute. Breakker hit a Frankensteiner and then went for the cover but Grimes kicked out, stunning Breakker.


Breakker was ready for a spear but Grimes dodged it, though Breakker managed to stop before hitting the post. Grimes went for a submission but Breakker got away and then Grimes slammed his shoulder into the corner and crashed into Breakker, but Breakker hit a spear after he leapt off the top rope and that was it for the challenge, as Breakker retained his NXT Championship.

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