CM Punk Reveals If He'll Wrestle in WWE Again

CM Punk certainly made a splash when he made his surprise debut on FS1's WWE Backstage last week, and this week he had a lot to say about why he joined the show as well as professional wrestling in general. During the show, Renee Young sat down with him for a lengthy discussion about his status with WWE, why he decided to work with Fox, and more, and during that conversation, Young asked about what the future holds for Punk regarding WWE. The Royal Rumble is early next year after all, which is always good for a surprise return or debut, and she asked if he would possibly show up there.

"I work for FOX," Punk said. "Haven’t talked to anybody in WWE. Not actively pursuing or interested in, but I’m 41 years old and I’ve lived an experienced life, so I know not to say no, but that’s going to be a bridge that’s going to have to be built and might take as long as building the great wall of China, because there are some hurdles."

So, he did not rule it out, but it also is not where his mind seems to be at the moment. Punk talked about this being an opportunity to talk about wresting and the industry overall again, so it seems he's just focused on that and not making a return to the ring.

Fans know about those hurdles he was referring to in regards to WWE. Punk ended up leaving WWE abruptly, and after he went on Colt Cabana's podcast he explained he left because of a multitude of reasons, including injuries, issues with doctors not taking those injuries seriously, WWE's overall practices, and more.


In the aftermath, there hasn't exactly been any good blood built up between the two, but things haven't been toxic either more recently, so who knows. Perhaps there is some common ground that can be found between the two parties, but in the meantime, Punk's involvement with Backstage will have to tide fans over.

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