EC3 Looks Back on NXT Run in Revealing Vignette

EC3 came into NXT with momentum after a successful run in Impact Wrestling, and after being the focal point of some big storylines there hopes for high for his NXT run. Unfortunately, that didn't end up being the case, and his run there ended with being let go from WWE as a result of widespread cuts WWE made due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since then EC3 has been busy releasing new vignettes themed around controlling the narrative and establishing a new character, reborn from the ashes of his past forms. This latest one puts his time in NXT in the spotlight, as footage from his run there and his NX3 logo plays behind him. It's quite good, and throughout he makes references to how professional he was about the whole thing even as he endured two concussions, and you can find everything he had to say below (via WrestlingNews).

"If you're going to truly evolve, you have to admit who you are. Not just to yourself, to everyone. You were happy once. You were accomplished. Proud. Loved, but your past does not dictate your future. It doesn't matter who you were as a person, how good you were, how nice, how caring, how professional. When you've been beaten down long enough that person is never coming back. Now, there isn't a part of your body or your psyche that hasn't been wounded, covered in scars.

You must break every attachment to your past to liberate your future, because only after your destruction can you be resurrected. Become the person you were always supposed to be. Without pain, without regret, without betrayal, without sacrifice you have nothing and you sacrificed your body, your soul, your mind...twice.

You had to perish in your previous form to be reborn, something transcendent. You will become free. You will enter your final form. You will finish what you started."

The narration stops at this point as EC3 turns towards the camera and says "You have been warned." You can watch the full video above.


"If you are going to truly evolve, you have to admit who you are. Not just to yourself. To everyone.⁣


It's been rumored that EC3 could be headed back to Impact Wrestling after his music played after a match recently, though he didn't make an appearance. He also mentioned Ring of Honor in the last video, so he could possibly be headed there too. We'll just have to wait and see.

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