WWE Fans React Negatively to Stomping Grounds Main Event

The main event of WWE Stomping Grounds featuring Seth Rollins defending the Universal Championship against Baron Corbin did not go over well with wrestling fans. At least initially.

Things started off on a downhill trajectory following the announcement that Lacey Evans would be the special guest referee. The move was meant to tease the fact that she would rob Rollins of the title given her feud with Rollins' real life girlfriend, Becky Lynch.

The crowd was very negative for the first half of the match. Inside the Tacoma Dome, chants that came across on television included "This Is Stupid," "AEW," "Daniel Bryan," "CM Punk," and "Boring."

The reaction online wasn't much better.

Toward the end of the match, the fans did start to come around in what was actually a well laid out match that made logical sense. They were hot for the finish once Becky Lynch came out and got involved. In the end, Rollins got the victory and he and Lynch shared a moment together as the show went off the air, which was a nice touch. However, the first half of the main event was certainly a little bit rough.


It looks like we are headed toward a mixed tag team match at next month's Extreme Rules PPV pitting Rollins/Lynch against Corbin/Evans.