WWE: Seth Rollins Squeaks Out A Win Against Cesaro in Hell In A Cell

Since being pit against one another during this year's WrestleMania, the battle between Cesaro and [...]

Since being pit against one another during this year's WrestleMania, the battle between Cesaro and Seth Rollins has only heated up, with WWE's Hell In A Cell giving the two superstars the opportunity to meet one another once again. Though Cesaro once called facing off against Seth Rollins a dream come true, it definitely seems as if that dream is becoming a nightmare as the former finds himself butting heads with the former "Monday Night Messiah," as the latter managed to pin Cesaro for an unlikely victory.

During a recent encounter, Rollins attacked Cesaro to the point where he had to be wheeled out of the stadium on a stretcher, with Seth losing his cool and blaming his attack on his opponent on Cesaro himself. Hilariously, Cesaro was able to get his revenge on Rollins during Bayley's talk show, flinging potted plants at Seth as the pair's rivalry led them both to Hell In A Cell. While the two didn't have the opportunity to battle against one another in a steel cage match like some of their other wrestling comrades, it's clear that the intensity between them both made for a great match during this year's pay-per-view event.

WWE Seth Rollins Cesaro
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As Cesaro began walking into the ring, the superstar was blindsided by Seth Rollins, as the former "Monday Night Messiah" attempted to take down his opponent before the two even made it to the ring. With Rollins attack doing nothing but fire up Cesaro, the rivalry between the two has definitely proved itself to be one of the main attractions of the WWE. As Cesaro kept attempting to prove that he is "meant to be" in the Hell In A Cell match, he even went so far as to shove Rollins' glove in his mouth, which Seth would use from time to time to help in poking the eye of his opponents.

Ultimately, Cesaro's physicality was undone thanks to a quick, intricate pin delivered by Rollins, who was able to score revenge for his previous defeat. Most likely, this rivalry is far from over.

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