WWE: Is Goldberg Headed to AEW?

The new All Elite Wrestling promotion is in the early stages of putting together its roster, but do those future plans include WCW and WWE superstar Goldberg?

Goldberg made his return to wrestling in 2017 with a program against Brock Lesnar and even held the Universal Title before his time back came to an end. Goldberg's return was heralded as an unmitigated success, thanks to his genuine promo work and compelling matches against Lesnar. It makes sense then that All Elite would want to bring him into the fold, and according to Rajah.com (via WhatCulture), he is high on their list.

His recent social media activity also raised some eyebrows, only helping to feed this theory. Goldberg recently followed All Elite Wrestling on Twitter (the new official account) but he also already followed their Double or Nothing All In account, and Ryan Satin also noticed that the All In account also follows Goldberg.

Granted, it could be nothing but Goldberg just being interested in what the All Elite crew is going to do, but if All Elite is interested in him at least they don't have to convince him about the product, as he already seems interested in it as a whole.

The current All Elite Wrestling roster consists of Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Hangman Page, and Britt Baker. That's a great start, but adding a big name like Goldberg would bolster that considerably and bring in more mainstream attention to the product. Goldberg showed he still had what it took to put on a good match, and if handled correctly this could definitely be a success.

The only caution against it really is the possibility of diminishing his recent exit from WWE. Goldberg has the chance to be a superhero once again for his family, and that angle to this return was a significant reason why it went over so well. It was easy to get behind him, and coupled with the nostalgia factor (and seeing Lesnar get served for once) resulted in a pretty fantastic period to his wrestling career.


It was everything you wanted from a comeback story and ended on a high note. If this program were to not deliver that same level of quality, it wouldn't' diminish his previous run, but it would make some wish it had ended on a high instead of a meh. If he can though, he will just add another great chapter to his storied career.

So, should Goldberg come back to wrestling? Let us know in the comments!